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9th Standard Political Science Question Bank

Mention the rights which are the part of the right to freedom. (3) Mention the provision declared illegally by the constitution through right against exploitation. (3) Why did Dr. Ambedkar call the Right to Constitutional Remedies, ‘the heart and soul’ of our constitution? (5) The Constitution of South Africa guarantees its citizens several kinds of […]

9th History Question Bank

Nazism: Q1. What steps were taken by Hitler to reconstruct the German economy? Q2. In what way did the Nazi establish control over the people? Q3. How did the communists and Socialists become irreconcilable enemies? Q4. Name the killing centre for the Jews. Q5. How did common people react to Nazism? Q6. Write a note […]

CBSE 2019-20 English Portion

CLASS – X 2019-20 ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE (Code No. 184) SECTION – WISE WEIGHTAGE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Note: The annual board examination will be of 80 marks, with a duration of three hours. There will be internal assessment for 20 Marks. SECTION A: READING                                                                                               20 Marks This section will have […]

Access to the Notes

Hey Students! Greetings! It’s great to see that you have registered. I know that these notes are going to help you a ton! In order to get access to the notes you will have to complete the formality of Purchasing the notes for your respective class. The procedure is very simple and user friendly. The […]