About Tasneem

My teaching career began out of a passion to teach rather than a need. I enjoyed interacting with children and I realized that with a little guidance, patience and perseverance  great strides could be made in a student’s academic life.

I took up English and Social Science as my core strength. And a memorable journey began. The more I enjoyed the teaching process, the more energy I invested in it and as a result more and more students began to enjoy and understand better. The best way to remember, is to love what you do. My instinct was right.

Learning must be fun. Teaching must not be overbearing. Syllabus must be EZZY TO REMEMBER!


About our website:

https://ezzytoremember.com/ is put up with a computer savy generation in mind, in addition to the regular classes.

You can contact me through email on ezzyclasses@gmail.com for any further queries. Be sure to share this website so that the burden of SS is reduced for a few others!


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